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What can Trimlight be used for?

Trimlight can be installed on any structure, both residential and commercial, including patios and docks. 

How is Trimlight installed?

Our patented channel allows us to install our lights on any roofline or structure. We use recycled aluminum to prevent from rust or corrosion and is enamel-baked to prevent from fading and chipping over time. This channel is color-matched to any existing trim color and is installed on the underside of the cave, behind the gutters and trim. 

Is this approved by my HOA?

If customers reside within an HOA, we've worked with hundreds of HOA's and have a dedicated HOA representative who can submit and take care of the application. Trimlight is approved by nearly every HOA due to it's sleek, professional design and installation. 

How much energy will my lights use?

Hardly any! Each Trimlight bulb uses .6 watts of energy. A 200' house would then use 120-400 watts. That means you would have to run your Trimlight system for nearly 3-8 hours before you're billed $0.06-$0.20! In comparison, incandescent Christmas lights use anywhere from 1000-1400 watts for the same amount of lights!

How much does it cost? Do you have minimum?

We offer multiple products, so pricing varies depending on the product, size, and scope of your project. For our permanent Trimlight system, exact cost varies based on size and scope of your project (i.e. linear footage, number and size of peaks, turrets, rental equipment needed etc.). For an exact approximation for your home, fill out the contact form and we'll get  back to you. 

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